Imagine this!  You are nearby the great Blue Ridge Mountains—famed around the world for their beauty and their distinctive blue hue—staying in your luxury cabin, you are treated to incredible views of the natural world around you.  Up here, it is very easy to get lost in nature and marvel at all its wonders.  And, of course, there is definitely something for you to do—whether it be fun and exciting or serene and tranquil—as you will enjoy plenty of new experiences with your companions and loved ones. 

If you are coming here to the Blue Ridge Mountains, it is best to plan ahead with what you are going to do.  Luckily, as you would expect, there are a lot of things to do here in the mountains and in the nearby towns.  It is one of the best places within the USA to have a vacation or retreat.  From new adventures with swimming and kayaking in Lake Blue Ridge to hiking trails across the Chattahoochee National Forest inside the Blue Ridge Mountains, it will certainly be one vacation to remember.

Lake Picnics, Swimming, Kayaking, and More

Things to do in Blue Ridge Lake Activities
Blue Ridge Lake

Brought your family and friends along with you?  Have a picnic by Lake Blue Ridge!  Three miles from downtown Blue Ridge, the crystal clear waters make it one of the best mountain lakes to visit and have a picnic in Georgia.  The 11-mile-long lake, with its 65 miles of shoreline surrounded by trees, offers several picnic areas, campsites, boat ramps, and public swimming areas. There are also concession stands and restroom facilities.  With the calm and beautiful waters, you are in for a great time when visiting Lake Blue Ridge.

Besides having a picnic, there are also public swimming areas.  It is important to take caution here.  The lake is a pebble beach, so you should wear water shoes if you are going to take a dip in the water.  Kayaking and paddling are also popular and fun activities.  The Blue Ridge Marina allows you to launch or rent a boat and acquire supplies for your trip.  If you are into fishing, that is available too—in fact, Blue Ridge is considered to be the trout capital of Georgia. 

Hiking and Trails

Hiking and Trails

Of course, the Chattahoochee National Forest, alongside the other forests in the Blue Ridge Mountains, offer great trails for you to hike.  The Aska Adventure Area—which is a trail system 17 miles in total, with 5 trails ranging from 1 to 5.5 miles in distance—allows you to hike or ride your bicycle.  These trails provide incredible views of the mountain ridges, and they also descend down to serene views of Lake Blue Ridge. 

The Aska Adventure Area trail system is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to hiking here in Blue Ridge.  There are plenty of other trails, all of which differ in distance and difficulty.  In fact, Blue Ridge actually offers access to the great Appalachian Trail, which travels through 14 states.  But, if you are looking for a calm, short walk or a challenging, strenuous hike, there is surely something that suits you.  Plenty of these trails have stunning rewards at the end such as a nice mountaintop view or a calming waterfall. Some trails even have buildings that date back to the early 1900s.  Regardless of which, you will be treated to plenty of beautiful flora, the sights of which naturally vary depending on the season.  Some trails have their wildflowers bloom in specific seasons, which means your hike will have a lot of color depending on the month. 



Want to try something new?  Or maybe you have already experienced this one before?  Try mountain biking at Blue Ridge.  If you are looking for something to pump up your adrenaline, something exciting or thrilling, mountain biking may be a fun experience for you.  Much like the trails, there is plenty of variety in the trails around here.  Beginners will feel right at home with calmer and less strenuous trails like the Lake Blue Ridge Trail, which runs for only 0.6 miles on a loop. 

And also much like trails, mountain biking in this area will treat you to some breathtaking views around Blue Ridge Mountains from amazing scenes of the lake or the mountain ridges to the captivating, dense forests in the area.  Those who are more experienced or are looking for a challenge may want to try other trails such as the Green Mountain Trail, which takes 2 hours to complete on its 7.7-mile track. This track in particular gets narrower with roots and rocks dotting the path.  Regardless of your experience with mountain biking, you will find a trail that is right for you and your companions who might be new to the activity.

Town Activities

Things to do in Blue Ridge The Town
Lake Blue Ridge and the town of Blue Ridge, Georgia

Why not visit the town of Blue Ridge itself?  There are many experiences to be had as well in the towns surrounding the mountains.  Blue Ridge is a small mountain town with plenty of events throughout the calendar year, all outlined on its official website.  Some of the restaurants are the best in Georgia and are fully committed to service in providing customers with great food. Besides this, there are also plenty of luxury wineries, craft breweries, and shops for you to visit.

You could also try the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway—a four-hour adventure that runs for two hours on a 26-mile roundtrip, with a two-hour layover for you to have lunch.  At this stop, you can actually stand on both Georgia and Tennessee as the blue line you will see marks the border!  The railway runs from March to December, and you can choose between riding in an indoor car, an open rail car, or the “Premier Class” on the train.  The track runs along the Toccoa River to McCaysville, and it is certainly a very fun experience for all ages.

Cabin and Chalet Rentals

Of course, you would not be able to get to all these things if you do not have a place to stay! Overlook Cabin Rentals offers wonderful, brand-new, modern Blue Ridge chalets for you to rent. We are committed to ensuring that your vacation here—as you stay in one of our chalets—is of the luxurious, high-end kind.

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